The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection


The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection is as culturally diverse and conceptually global as it is committed to the quality found in British heritage designs. The deep respect that both interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and wallpaper designers Cole and Son have for traditional craftsmanship is eloquently reflected in the intricate, hand-rendered designs of this collection.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard has not only travelled across the world defining his signature style, but also has an intimate knowledge of design history. He cultivated his aesthetic from a young age working on his father’s antiques stall, where he gained an imaginative understanding of the importance of traditional artisanry. There is a liberating eclecticism to his work as he draws inspiration from both East and West.

The collection includes a range of panels, which create an instant impact, and a dramatic design effect. The Trees of Eden panels are an ode to the eponymous, mythological garden. They are a fusion of ethnic motifs and traditional British heritage design, painted to scale with a distressed batik-like effect. The Bahia panel takes its name from the beautiful Bahia Palace in Marrakesh and boasts elaborate detailing of lace-like masonry and painstakingly hand-painted Gold and Stone decorative motifs, reflecting the original craftsmanship of the panels’ namesake.

Everything from the vibrant Hollywood palm to the ornately intricate British botanical print to the romantic rediscovery of the Moroccan ornamental is discoverable in this new Cole & Son collection. The decadence of the prints come from Martyn’s uninhibited exploration of colours; including blush pink, leaf green and print room blue. The individualism of each pattern encourages a stylistic playfulness and the development of a truly unique interior.

"I have always been an ardent fan of Cole and Son, and have used their wallpapers in my work for the last two decades. The quality is unsurpassed, the individuality of their collections are always unique, sparking wondrous interior schemes, and the passion that exists within the company is both exciting and inspiring.
When approached to work with Cole and Son, it was a true match made in decorating heaven. My love for the art of wallpaper and the passionate thirst for inventive and individual design from the Cole and Son team has made for a recipe that has proved delicious."
- Martyn Lawrence Bullard


"My collections capture my passion for travel, for the exotic, for the unexpected, for the eclectic and ultimately strengthen the will to design with worldly abandon. Across the collections you will find so many that coordinate and flow, giving options to the designer and homeowner to really create their own look within each of mine. It’s about the end user’s imagination being given no boundaries to incorporate uses of wallpaper not only on walls but also ceilings, furniture, lampshades, cabinets, doorways and any other surface your heart desires. They are designed to layer with each other, to play with the wallpaper boarders to create panels and reliefs, cut around the undulating shapes to make surprising details, giant door portals to create fantasy and whimsy... This collection is the apotheosis of my love of all worldly Design mixed with the skill and craftsmanship of the world’s preeminent wallpaper purveyors. Modern and unusual color palettes infiltrate even the most ancient Design inspirations within the collection making them fresh and exciting.... From my imagination to yours, this collection has been created to be as individual as you are."



Colourways: Duck Egg + Olive, Gold + Parchment, China Blue, Slate Grey + Blush Pink, Royal Blue + Gold
‘Zerzura’ is derived from the mythical city meaning ‘oasis of little birds’. The opulent print of classic chintzy flowers with contemporary cockatoos in full plumage was inspired by an old archive document trail design, and is made of intricate line-work, giving the impression of embroidery. Choose from a traditional palette in shades of Duck Egg and Olive, Gold and Parchment, and China Blue, or create a sumptuous boudoir feel with Slate Grey and Blush Pink, and Royal Blue and Gold with its lustred, metallic highlights.


Colourways: Teal + Pink
A contemporary interpretation of the Hanging Gardens, ‘Babylon’ comprises of familiar aspects of Martyn’s style such as ancient arches and decadent florals in bold tones. The floral motif is an adaption of the Cole and Son classic Wisteria design, combining old and new elements for a fresh botanical print in tones of Teal and Pink.

Hollywood Palm

Colourways: Charcoal + Gold, Rose Gold, Silver + Charcoal, Leaf Green
A celebration of Martyn’s LA influences, Hollywood Palm is an instant classic born out of both common Cole and Son motifs and deco Palm Springs design. The spot repeat, which gives the design an all over luscious density, is inspired by graphic artist M.C. Escher’s tessellation prints, creating a design that’s both contemporary and traditional in its style. Choose from sumptuous metallic tones of Charcoal and Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Charcoal, and Leaf Green.


Colourways: Pewter, Gilver, Bronze
The burnished tones of Bazaar catch the light with an elegant lustre, retaining all of the original subtlety of movement seen in embossed tiles. The aged effect across the different design elements gives life to each tile, with the Pewter, Gilver, and Bronze tones adding a Persian warmth to wherever the design is placed.


Colourway: Gold + Stone
Bahia, meaning ‘brilliance’, derives its name from the beautiful Bahia Palace and surrounding gardens in Marrakesh. This decorative doorway panel’s design draws inspiration from both the palace and the Durbar Room of Osborne House, the palatial holiday house of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Its elegantly detailed Jali fretwork, elaborate, lace-like masonry and decorative motifs in Gold and Stone have been painstakingly drawn and painted by hand in order to reflect the highly-skilled craftsmanship of its inspirations. Embodying all the intricate design elements of the collection, Bahia can be used as a stand-alone panel, run side-by-side as a continuous design, or with the complementary Jali Trellis, which has been designed as a coordinate to the decorative panel.

Jali Trellis

Colourway: Stone
Jali Trellis takes its name from the ornamental, patterned stonework that adorns many temples and sacred buildings. Designed to complement the statement Bahia doorway, its semi-plain floral motif in Stone is a charming alternative to classic neutrals.


Colourways: Pearl + Parchment, Gilver + Parchment, Pewter + Charcoal, Soot + Snow
The medina quarters of Morocco house some of the cities’ most treasured places, such as the palaces and mosques; ‘Medina’ is a sumptuous, intricate latticework pattern full of three-dimensional drop shadows creating the subtle movement of life within the quarters’ walls. Airy tones of Pearl and Parchment, and Gilver and Parchment give a dawn-like luminescence, with Pewter and Charcoal, and Soot and Snow adding a duskier, nocturnal feel.


Colourways: Gilver + Parchment, Silver + Bronze on Charcoal
Another of Martyn’s signature motifs is the Moroccan lantern, realised in this collection as the Fez border. This playful border is luxurious with metallic elements adding to the lanterns’ glow, each of which are hand- painted to create an aged, antique look. Whether planning a soft, faceted interior with Gilver and Parchment, or an enchanting desert night in Silver and Bronze on Charcoal, Fez provides an irresistible, ornate warmth.

Patina Haze

Colourways: Soft Gold, Warm Gilver, Taupe, Moss
Creating the burnished look of oxidised metal, Patina Haze is a weathered but luxurious wallcovering that adds a delicate glow to any interior. Shades of Soft Gold, Warm Gilver, Taupe, and Moss add to its understated elegance.

Sultan’s Palace

Colourways: China Blue + Ochre, Print Room Blue + Duck Egg, Gold + Spice
Sultan’s Palace brings together two of Martyn’s most influential design elements: traditional British motifs and Eastern-inspired artistry. A cartouche of English trees is the focal point of this stunning patchwork surrounded by faience tile mosaics, inspired by the facade of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, with its highly decorative archways and intricate botanical tiles. This rich design comes in regal tones of China Blue and Ochre, Print Room Blue and Duck Egg, and Gold and Spice, and can be paired with the Zellige tile design and Zellige Border.


Colourways: China Blue + White, Olive + Print Room Blue, Spice + Charcoal, Soot + Snow
‘Zellige’ takes its name from the Arabic expression for mosaic tilework, one of the most notable aspects of Moroccan architecture. When creating the design, Martyn and the Cole and Son studio were keen to retain the feel of real ceramic glazed Moroccan tiles and so the design has been hand-rendered to retain a beautiful, organic texture. Staying true to a traditional north African-style palette, Zellige is presented in China Blue and White, Olive and Print Room Blue, Spice and Charcoal, and the monochromatic Soot and Snow.

Zellige Border

Colourways: China Blue + White, Olive + Print Room Blue, Spice + Charcoal, Soot + Snow
As with traditional tile motifs, the Zellige Border provides a decorative trim to many of the Martyn Lawrence Bullard designs, including Zellige and Sultan’s Palace. Vibrant shades of China Blue and White, Olive, and Soot and Snow add the perfect finishing touch to Martyn’s signature layered style.

Trees of Eden - Eternity, Paradise, Life

Colourway: Charcoal + Parchment
The elegant Trees of Eden panels are an ode to the eponymous, mythological garden. Their design takes its inspiration from archive chintz patterns, where the fusion of ethnic motifs and traditional British heritage design created opulent and highly-prized textiles. Each tree, whilst different in design, depicts boughs luxuriant in foliage, forbidden fruits, and the classic Cole and Son wisteria flowers. Painted to scale, with a distressed, batik-like effect this highly decorative series makes an instant design statement, whether hung side by side for a dramatic effect or individually for a striking centrepiece.

Eden Stripe

Colourway: Parchment
This semi-plain stripe has been created as a complementary design to the Trees of Eden panels. Its Parchment tones make it a simple yet sumptuous addition to the statement Charcoal designs.

"Martyn is an abundant source of inspiration - from his covetable style, gregarious personality and enthusiasm and passion for artisan craftsmanship - the design possibilities seemed endless. A true Doyan of Interior Design and Architecture possesses an abundance of knowledge and respect for global style and its origins. His ability to seamlessly integrate styles and influences from around the world into exceptional beautiful, distinctive interiors full of personality is truly inspiring. As a design studio, we found a childred spirit in Martyn, sharing a passion for design that speaks to an individual's character, empowering unique and inviting interiors full of life. Cole and Son's commitment to hand-rendered design maintains a mutual appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and artisanal techniques that beautifully embodies the descriptive details of Martyn's aesthetic. The collection challenges the boundaries of two-dimensional design exploring Trompe-l'oeil by panels, decorative masonry, faience tile mosaics, dense foliage and burnished lanterns in a range of forms and scales. From all-over wallcoverings, two statement panels and decorative borders, the collection offers a plethora of design options for an intelligent, thoughtful and characterful interior scheme. The home is a reflection of, and a means to express, one's own unique style and personality. As a design studio, we are driven by a passion to create beautifully detailed, atmospheric wallcoverings that connect the intricate threads of an individual's personality and style."
- Carley Bean, Head of Design at Cole & Son

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