Cole & Son’s newest collaboration

Cole & Son is delighted to be collaborating with Ardmore Ceramic Art on a new range of exciting wallpapers. Ardmore’s charming and exuberant ceramic creations, have both a narrative and a strong heritage rooted in African tradition and culture, and it is this storytelling through the language of craft and craftsmanship which we value and share. The Ardmore Collection features a range of conversational, vibrant, pictorial wallpapers and borders that add a new dimension to the Cole & Son library.

‘Having coveted Ardmore Ceramics for several years and being strongly drawn to their whimsicality and narrative, it is now a privilege and a delight to be recreating these fabulous Ardmore stories onto wallpaper.’ Cole & Son Creative Director Shauna Dennison.

Ardmore founder Fée Halsted commented: ‘For 31 years the Ardmore artists and I have toiled away in KwaZulu-Natal creating fanciful ceramics that have provided an income to feed many a family. The fact that Cole & Son discovered and chose our South African designs and artistry to place on their new collection is an honour and we pride ourselves on being the first African designers to have achieved such a prestigious accolade! Working with Cole & Son's Creative Director Shauna Dennison, has been such fun and for me that is what it is all about.’

Launching January 2017 at Paris Deco Off.
Visit Cole & Son at Gallery Rauchfeld, 22 Rue de Seine, Paris. 19 – 23 January. 

For details regarding Cole & Son or the Ardmore collection, high-res visuals, samples or product requests please contact:

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