Cole & Son presents Landscape Plains

Landscape Plains brings together five semi-plain designs in a host of colours with a mix of matte, pearl and metallic finishes. Alongside our much loved Jaspe Strie and Watered Silk textures, both of which have contributed consistently to Cole & Son’s success over the years, this collection introduces a classic Vermicelli print from our woodblock archives, in addition to a brand new leather effect and a subtle all over speckle design. Produced in over seventy colourings, these papers offer a comprehensive and elegant palette to be used independently or to complement and coordinate with many of our existing wallpapers.

Watered Silk
The Watered Silk or Moire design is another of Cole & Son’s oldest prints, dating back over a century. Produced in various ways over the years, this latest version incorporates the clever use of a fine mother-of-pearl printed ottoman texture to create a wonderfully soft shimmering silk moire effect. It is offered here in fourteen lustrous colourings including silvery greys, oystershells and pigeon greys, and a pretty petticoat pink.

Designed recently in the Cole & Son studio, Pebble is a small scale ‘birds egg’ speckle, designed to act as a subtle backdrop to the most fashionable of interiors. Resembling a smart shagreen, it has been reproduced here in fifteen chalky hues, comprising minky taupes, cool greys, bleached whites and soft dusty blues and olives.

One of Cole & Son’s oldest designs, the Jaspe has an enduring and refined air of elegance. Historically produced at the Cole & Son factory in North London with a random brush effect, the design has been modernised here to create a well balanced, yet seemingly irregular strie in a wide range of sophisticated colourings. Mixing pearls with chalky mattes, colours include a broad spectrum of neutrals alongside soft leafy greens, shell pinks and print room blues.

Cordovan, which takes its name from a variety of soft leather, is a smart parchment style semi plain wallpaper which can be matched on the wall randomly. Produced in nine leathery hues including a classic tan, a desk top green and a library red, this smart yet mellow paper will bring a touch of understated elegance to the most serious of spaces.

Coral is a diminutive reworking of one Cole & Son’s most iconic blockprints – the Vermicelli. A classic and historic pattern the world over, with many, many versions over the years, here it has simply been reduced in scale and given a more contemporary printing process. It is offered in sixteen delicately balanced hues, which include Cole & Son’s time honoured duckegg, salmon and old olive, alongside a comprehensive range of neutrals.

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