Cole & Son presents Folie

A collection of stately and elegant designs based on eighteenth and nineteenth century French gardens. Taking inspiration from the statues, follies, menageries and architecture found within these grand landscapes conceived by the nobility in order to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. This decorative selection of wallpapers takes you on a delightful stroll through some ofthe most beautiful gardens in France.

The Designs

Taking its name from the Chateau de Villandry which keeps one of the grandest gardens in France. Printed in a classic Toile de Jouy style, Villandry features a pastoral landscape of parkland, waterways and follies in four traditional colour- ways of red, soft charcoal, cobalt blue and dove grey.

A delicate trellis design inspired by the intricate garden designs of sixteenth and seventeenth century France and still found in many parks and gardens today. Printed in seven delightful colourings including stone, charcoal, French grey, cobalt, leaf green, classic red and metallic gold. 

Parterre Border
Designed to co-ordinate directly with the wallpaper of the same name. Coloured in reverse, this smart 40cm high border adds depth and a decorative twist, whether placed at the top of a room or above a dado rail. 

A traditionally printed wallpaper featuring a stunning display of rhododendron blossoms in full bloom. Influenced by the seventeenth century gardens of Chateau de la Bourlie in the Dordogne region of France. This chintzy floral revives a fashion for richly adorned drawing rooms and chambers and is available in four magnificent colourings of ivory on both duck egg and pale lemon, and coral and carmine on two shades of off white. 

Featuring the timeless bamboo trellis, Bagatelle is a tribute to the eighteenth century landscaped garden of the Chateau de Bagatelle, itself designed in an Anglo-Chinese style. Shown in five soft colour-ways of olive, duck egg, ivory, stone and yellow, this elegant latticed wallpaper creates a delightful conservatory feel.

Taking its name from the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris. Finely drawn trails of flowers and stems trace their way over this delightful wallpaper, which also features delicately illustrated hummingbirds and butterflies within its leaves. Offered in five shades of soft yellow, grey, old olive, indigo and coral. 

Reminiscent of the classic Louis style wooden panelling which features in many of the chateaux and stately homes of Paris, Louis is a cleverly designed wallpaper which recreates this wonderful French style. Presented in three neutral shades of taupe, French grey and ivory. 

A graceful ‘cartouche’ wallpaper featuring painted scenes of exotic palm trees and animals on a delicate craquelure ground. Drawn from the porcelain and tableware of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and available in five striking colourings of rose pink, dove grey, soft charcoal, old olive and cobalt blue. 

Rousseau Border
An elegant 52cm wide frieze designed to co-ordinate directly with the wallpaper of the same name. It has also been designed to complement the Trianon wallpaper.

Named after the Grand Trianon
porcelain pavilion at Versailles this is a delightfully subtle craquelure plain, presented in two shades of off-white. 

Depicting a wonderfully exuberant ‘tree of life’, inspired by the Palace of Fontainebleau outside Paris. Comprising of leafy stems upon which are perched a flock of exotic and colourful birds, this design is presented in two colour-ways of rose pinks on a duck egg ground and fuchsia and emerald greens on a neutral ground. 

Named after the small royal residence of Louis XIV, Marly features an elegant wide painterly stripe of chalky hues of lavender, duck egg, yellow and pale blue decorated with thin ribbons of metallic gold, gilver and bronze. 

Broderie Border
Taken from a Cole & Son archive pattern book of French designs, this pretty ribbon border has been created to add a small touch of decorative detail around the edge of a wallpaper. Measuring 4cm high, this wallpaper trimming is offered in four shades of blue, lavender, yellow and duck egg. 

Based on the charming French fables of La Fontaine, Versailles features a menagerie of animals and birds set amongst a wooded landscape of trees and follies. Executed in the classic Toile de Jouy style of finely engraved motifs this lyrical paper is produced in four colour-ways of coral, soft charcoal, mulberry and teal. 

Versailles Grand
A grander, large scale version of Versailles, produced in two colourings - fresh pink, chartreuse and lime and a more autumnal mulberry, amethyst and copper. Echoing the glorious French scenic wallpapers of the eighteenth century, Versailles Grand comprises an A and B roll set, giving a dramatic full width repeat of 137cm. 


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