Cole & Son Presents Botanical ~Botanica~

Leading British wallpaper creators Cole & Son are delighted to present the Botanical ~Botanica~ collection, a selection of 15 original hand crafted wallpapers bringing the beguiling beauty and colourful charm of nature into the home, available from September 2018.

A seasonal exploration of the English landscape – from the captivating beauty of cultivated gardens, to the enchanting allure of rolling meadows and wild woodlands, Botanical ~Botanica~ studies the magnificent transformation of nature throughout the seasons. Capturing much-loved blooms including the headily perfumed perennials Lilac and Wisteria, native beauties Sweet Pea, Bluebell and Rose, and the delicate foliage of Fern and Maidenhair, the collection celebrates the remarkable diversity and innate beauty of the garden.

Colour palettes are also inspired by the ever-changing landscape, with the pastel promise of early spring offering a shimmering palette of lemon, olive and sage capturing the first dappled light on frosted fields, evoking the eagerly anticipated sight of new growth. Summer’s hues of leaf green, luscious mulberry, lilac and coral play with the dazzling vibrancy of nature in full bloom, a resplendent symphony of vivid colour and energy. Autumn brings bold, warm tones of bronze, cerise, amber and gold, hinting at the glowing glory of turning leaves. The cool, crisp colours of frosted winter - jade, teal, pine and viridian - evoke the ethereal beauty of nature effulgent during even the bleakest of winters. The garden provides a plethora of palettes to suit a vast range of interior styles and settings.

One of the things I’ve always loved about the English landscape is its distinctive seasons. The innate beauty of nature and the magical allure of its transformation through the year. Each season offering its own unique array of colour and variety. Botanical ~Botanica~ is our ode to nature. We wanted to explore both the unkept beauty of forests, fields and meadows, as well as the love and attention given to cultivated gardens.

We didn’t have to look hard to find inspiration; from local forests and woodlands to annual flower shows such as Hampton Court Flower Show where we were as much in awe of the magnificent blooms as we were of the form and structure of their arrangements, to our own vast design archive, with the exploration of flora and fauna playing a major part in our design history. We started sketching, finally deciding upon 15 unique designs paying homage to our British roots. Each design was hand-drawn and hand- painted to scale capturing the inherent beauty of the subject itself.”

- Carley Bean, Head of Design.



Lilac ~Syringa vulgaris~

Colourways: Magenta & Blush on Charcoal / Ballet Slipper & Dove on Silver Birch / Lemon & Old Olive on Print Room Blue / Lilac & Dove on White

The spring-flowering Lilac Syringa vulgaris is a beautifully lush deciduous shrub known for its redolent fragrance. Thriving whatever its aspect, this hardy, easily-cultivated plant can be found in gardens throughout the British Isles. The Cole & Son design studio have cultivated this classic floral loved for its exquisite large, oval clusters of colourful foliage in true-to-life tones of lavendered Lilac & soft Dove on White, contemporary Magenta & Blush on Charcoal, as well as two spring palettes of Ballet Slipper & Dove on Silver Birch, and Lemon & Old Olive on Print Room Blue. Screen printed to retain the soft, delicate density of trusses abundant with fragrant flowers, Lilac is an utterly beguiling interior option for country cottages to contemporary city abodes.


Bluebell ~Hyacinthoides non-scripta~

Colourways: Spring Greens & Cerulean Sky on Cream / Sage, Mint & Lilac on Charcoal / Teal, Gold & Coral on Petrol

A symphony of tone and texture, Bluebell’s botanical fretwork of wild field flowers is arranged in divine Art Nouveau style. With the delicately arching plume of wheatgrasses waving in the breeze, to the proud company of poppies at its heart, the Hyacinthoides non-scripta sits in a resplendent frame with its elegant, bell-shaped flora. Produced in tonal colourings of Spring Greens & Cerulean Sky on Cream, Sage, Mint & Lilac on Charcoal, and a striking metallic Teal, Gold & Coral on Petrol, this field of flora is abundant in bloom throughout the seasons.


Camellia ~Camellia japonica~

Colourways: Coral & Sage on Buttercup / Coral & Duck Egg on Eau du Nil / Lemon & Sage on Print Room Blue / White & Red on Charcoal / Crimson on Metallic Gold

Camellia is one of Cole & Son’s archival prints, with reworked floral elements to make each study reflective of the Camellia japonica, whilst retaining the design’s original crackled glaze ground. Its glossy, leather-like leaves and showy flower heads are radiant in their alluring form in classic tones of Coral & Sage on Buttercup, Coral & Duck Egg on Eau du Nil, Lemon & Sage on Print Room Blue, White & Red on Charcoal, and the decadent Crimson on Metallic Gold.


Thistle ~Carduus~

Colourways: Lemon & Olive on Duck Egg / Alabaster Pink & Orange on Parchment / Lilac & Cerise on White

One of the many floral symbols of the British Isles, the unconventional beauty of the Thistle is in its graphic shape of spiny bracts and bursting rosettes. This bold trail design has been printed to reflect a screen print, with a chalky, matte finish to enhance the brittle shape of this stunning wild flower. Seasonal palettes of fresh Lemon & Olive on Duck Egg, muted Alabaster Pink & Orange on Parchment, and a hazy Lilac & Cerise on White enhance this striking motif of iconic blooms.


Topiary ~Topiarius~

Colourways: Leaf Green / Soot / China Blue

A bold geometric Topiary is the epitome of stately opulence, with fanciful designs of knots and labyrinths creating these beautifully ornate spaces. In contrast to these manicured masterpieces, the Cole & Son design studio have created a softer watercolour approach, encapsulating the gentle breeze enjoyed whilst discovering these vast tapestries of colour and shape. In soft watercoloured tones of Leaf Green, Soot, and China Blue, Topiary is a design in which your imagination can wander into the world of Parterre’s past.


Meadow ~Pratum~

Colourways: Olive / Soot / Buttercup, Sage & Soot / Bronze & Soot

The rolling hills of English countryside have long been the backdrop for scenes of pastoral bliss. With green vales as far as the eye can see, the Meadow is a place to enjoy nature in full abundance. Created to reflect the naturally curving moors and dales found throughout Great Britain, Meadow’s watercolours are interrupted only by a soft batik- effect wave in delicate colourings of Olive, Soot, and Buttercup, Sage & Soot, as well as the invitingly lustred metallic of Bronze & Soot.


Lilac Grandiflora ~Syringa vulgaris~

Colourways: Magenta & Blush on Charcoal

The spring-flowering Lilac Syringa vulgaris is a beautifully lush deciduous shrub known for its redolent fragrance. Thriving whatever its aspect, this hardy, easily-cultivated plant can be found in gardens throughout the British Isles; loved for its exquisite large, oval clusters of colourful foliage. The Cole & Son design studio have cultivated this classic floral into a large-scale, arresting design in a punchy Magenta & Blush on smoky Charcoal retaining the texture of blooms abundant in foliage.


Wisteria ~Wisteria floribunda~

Colourways: Coral & Sage on Parchment / Magenta & Leaf Green on White / Stone & Olive on Duck Egg / Powder Blue & Jade on Cerulean Sky / Sage on Leaf Green

The climbing trail of Wisteria floribunda can be found throughout the Cole & Son archive. This deciduous, sun-loving, summer bloomer with its refulgent racemes has been updated with a trailing hand-drawn trellis to create a graphic print that is as in keeping within a cottage garden as it is in a contemporary setting. Sur-flex printed, Wisteria has a thick, chalky texture bringing each individual bud to the fore in palettes of Coral & Sage on Parchment, Magenta & Leaf Green on White, Stone & Olive on Duck Egg, Powder Blue & Jade on Cerulean Sky, and Sage on Leaf Green.


Rose ~Rosa~

Colourways: Cerise & Burnt Orange on Black / Red & Leaf Green on Charcoal / White & Ice Blue on Denim

A staple of the English country garden, the blousy Rose is loved as much for its redolent fragrance as its radiant foliage. This charming ogee trail design with lush, budding bouquets is surrounded by fern fronds, creating a richly organic, delicately detailed motif. This quintessentially English pairing has been reimagined in unexpected, contemporary palettes of vivid Cerise & Burnt Orange on Black, and cool White & Ice Blue on Denim, as well as a classically toned Red & Leaf Green on smoky Charcoal.


Sweet Pea ~Lathyrus odoratus~

Colourways: Autumnal Multi on Cream / Cerise & Magenta on Viridian / Ochre & Rose on Parchment / Blush & Olive on Cream / Mulberry & Sage on Cream / Cerulean Sky & Sage on White

Celebrated for its graceful, frilly flora, Sweet Pea is an enduring Cole & Son motif. With its deliciously scented, lush rambling vines, the Lathyrus odoratus is a favourite in gardens throughout the British Isles and beyond. Updated in new, contemporary palettes of Cerise & Magenta on Viridian, and Ochre & Rose on Parchment, as well as traditional cottage garden tones of Autumnal Multi, Blush & Olive, and Mulberry and Sage on Cream, and Cerulean Sky & Sage on White this heritage design is surface printed to retain the thick, tactile print marks of each petal.


Woodland ~Quercetum~

Colourway: Coral, Olive & Charcoal

The dappled depths of an enchanting Woodland become the home of fantasy and folly; where light and shade play amongst the expansive canopy alongside creatures great and small, the hushed quiet offering a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

The Cole & Son studio have taken this beguiling scene, weaving familiar woodland themes to create a rich tapestry design, large in scale and engrossing in detail, in archival tones of vivid Coral, contrasted with understated Olive & Charcoal.


Allium ~Allium~

Colourways: Mulberry, Blush & Lilac on White /Teal & Jade on White / Mulberry & Heather on Violet / Coral & Leaf Green on Charcoal

A contemporary, geometric take on the traditional floral motif, Allium takes the striking herbaceous perennial and creates a bold repeat of blooming clusters. With their firework burst of colour and texture, the allium spheres of flora, combined with their long, leafless stems, makes a unique floral stripe, in inspiring seasonal tones of summer Mulberry, Blush & Lilac on White, and Coral & Leaf Green on Charcoal, alongside wintery Teal & Jade on White, and Mulberry & Heather on Violet.


Forest ~Silva~

Colourway: Forest Greens

It’s no wonder that Silvan forests feature so heavily throughout literature and folklore; the sense of being wholly enveloped upon stepping into an array of trees and undergrowth as far and wide as the eye can see creating an awe-inspiring feeling. Translated here in Forest’s large-scale, intricately hand-painted, fantastical trees, the dappled light traverses through far off branches as the dense ground cover emits the warm and welcoming woody fragrance of childhood memories.


Maidenhair ~Ginkgo biloba~

Colourways: Petrol, Blush, & Mint / Olive / China Blue / Mulberry, Ink & Alabaster Pink

Often referred to as a living fossil, the Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest surviving seed plants. Its hardy nature means that its graceful, fan-shaped, lobed leaves bring a delicate beauty to even the most urban of environments. The subdued watercoloured hues of Maidenhair transform this fossil form into a charming semi-plain print with palettes of Petrol, Blush & Mint, Olive, China Blue, and Mulberry, Ink & Alabaster Pink reflecting stippled sunlight as it shines through the Ginkgo’s delicate leaves.


Fern ~Dryopteris~

Colourways: Leaf Green & Olive / Viridian & Teal

Fern takes us from the garden to the glasshouse where trailing String of Pearls spill from handmade macramé baskets and planters. This distinctly British botanical is a continuation of Cole & Son’s many striking studies of plant life, such as Palm Jungle and Palm Leaves, with its hand-rendered, illustrative style in high summer palettes of Leaf Green & Olive as well as the dusky, winter tones of Veridian & Teal.


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