Hanging Instructions Vinyl Wallcoverings


Upon receipt of goods fully inspect all rolls to ensure that you have received the correct items. Check for colour variations and any technical imperfections before cutting any rolls or hanging. Do not cut or hang any material until you have undertaken a thorough inspection of the goods. Check that rolls are undamaged, that the product code and batch reference are the same for each roll. It is the responsibility of the decorator to ensure the wallcovering is correct and, during hanging, to check there are no visible faults. No claim for hanging costs in excess of three drops will be accepted. No claims will be accepted for labour or other consequential losses.

Follow these instructions for vinyl wallcoverings only. If you are unsure please contact customer services. Email: customer.service@cole-and-son.com Telephone: +44 (0) 208 442 8844. 

Examine wallcovering to ensure that pattern, colour and quantity are as ordered. If applicable separate goods by shade lot number, and install in roll number sequence. 
To ensure a perfect finish, walls should be prepared correctly; all holes should be filled, walls should be smooth, dry and cleared of any debris.

Walls should be checked with a moisture meter. Moisture level should not exceed 4%. Any mildew MUST be removed from the walls and they must be treated to inhibit further growth. Vinyl wallcoverings can be installed over almost any surface that has been properly prepared.

Do not hang vinyl over ballpoint pen, wax crayon, ink marker, oil-based stains or any foreign matter that may bleed through the vinyl. Use a pencil to mark vinyl or walls, as pencil marks do not bleed. Glossy surfaces should either be sanded to dull the surface or an application of Heavy Duty Primer should be made.

Torn drywall should be primed to seal the drywall without bubbling. On new drywall, if future strippability is desired and no primer is specified, use a quality strippable wallcovering adhesive. If a primer is specified, use a pigmented acrylic primer designed for use with wallcoverings along with a quality wallcovering adhesive with mould inhibitor. 

Before beginning installation, examine pattern for colour uniformity and any pattern repeat in the design. For plain texture based designs, every other drop of the wallcovering should be reverse hung in order to ensure colour uniformity, using an overlap and splice technique.

Only full widths of material should be used for the most satisfactory installation. All material must be installed in roll sequence (numerical) within a shade lot, starting with the highest number first and going in descending order, with each strip in sequence as cut from the roll. If material is to be railroaded or installed horizontally, please call Cole & Son before proceeding.

For designs featuring a pattern repeat, each drop of the wallcovering should be hung by overlapping the pattern, matched with the previous drop and overlapped and spliced. Piecing or hanging headers with strips cut out of sequence can cause shading at the seams. Be careful not to “score” the drywall when splicing.

Apply an even coat of adhesive to the back of the material using a stiff bristle brush, a roller, or a pasting machine in accordance with the label. The wallcovering should be applied to the wall as soon as it has become tacky. Smooth surface, working out air bubbles as you go using a stiff bristle smoothing brush or a plastic smoothing tool. As each drop is installed, immediately remove excess adhesive from the wallcovering surface using a sponge and a soft bristle brush frequently rinsed in clean warm water. Dry with clean toweling.

A professional vinyl cleaner/wallpaper remover should be used where adhesive has dried. Adhesive residue not cleaned promptly from the surface of the wallcovering will be difficult to remove and may discolour or leave a dull area at the seam. Vertical joints should not occur less than 15cm from outside and inside corners. Do not install wallcoverings unless a temperature above 12ºC is maintained in both areas of installation and storage. After applying three drops, inspect the product and if there is any question of appearance, stop and contact Cole & Son Customer Service. 

Product Use Advisory:
This product is intended for use in buildings designed and maintained to avoid moisture accumulation on or within walls, particularly in warm, humid climates. The features that make vinyl wallcoverings so cleanable and durable also render it very low in permeability.

Vinyl wallcovering products should not be installed on walls that contain excessive moisture or are subject to moisture infiltration. If mould and mildew is present, or if walls show moisture damage or have excess moisture content, do not proceed with the installation. Moisture infiltration and water vapour in and behind walls must be eliminated for proper performance. Processes that increase permeability, including microventing, should be considered for use under certain conditions.

In addition, the use of a mildew inhibitor in the primer and adhesive is highly recommended. Primers and adhesives with the highest possible permeability are also highly recommended. After installation, the walls and wallcoverings should be monitored for potential moisture or water vapour infiltration and accumulation. Any such infiltration or accumulation after installation must be properly eliminated. 

No claim for hanging costs will be accepted for goods in excess of three drops.

Check all wallpaper within 14 days of receipt; please notify your supplier of any faulty product. We cannot accept any responsibility after the wallcovering has been hung.

This information has been supplied in good faith but without guarantee. Site conditions are beyond our control.

If you have any further queries, please contact your retailer or Customer Service:
Telephone: +44 (0)208 442 8844