Hanging Instructions Caledonia


Upon receipt of goods fully inspect all rolls to ensure that you have received the correct items. Check for colour variations and any technical imperfections before cutting any rolls or hanging any wallpaper. Please be aware that this is a handcrafted product containing natural materials and variations in vertical and horizontal weave and shade are normal characteristics of such wallpapers. Do not cut or hang any material until you have fully read the hanging instructions and undertaken a thorough inspection of the goods. No claims will be accepted for material costs after the hanging of more than three drops. No claims will be accepted for labour or other consequential losses.

Before you start:

Follow these instructions for the Caledonia grass cloths collection only. If you are unsure, please call customer services +44 (0) 208 442 8844. 
Before hanging check that rolls are undamaged, that the product code and batch reference are the same for each roll.

It is the responsibility of the decorator to ensure the wallpaper is correct and, during hanging, to check there are no visible faults. No claim for hanging costs in excess of one roll will be accepted.

To prevent white edges showing at the seams, dark coloured wallpapers may need their edges colouring with a slightly lighter chalk or pastel. 

To ensure a perfect finish, walls should be prepared correctly; all holes should be filled, walls should be smooth, dry and cleared of any debris. Walls must be primed and if necessary cross line with lining paper. Lining paper helps to even out slight imperfections acting as a base for your wallpaper. Turn off the power and remove all faceplates and socket covers.

Do not hang over glossy or non-porous areas. Painted walls should be rubbed down to remove grease or soiling and glossy paint should be rubbed down with sandpaper. Pre paste porous wall surfaces such as plasterboard or chipboard. Never hang over new plaster or un-primed walls.

Grasscloth’s and Paper Weaves have good permeability however if moisture sources are not eliminated at the origin, no surface material applied to walls will prevent moisture accumulation.

Preparation of lengths (colour and batch sequence)
As you work through the rolls, all lengths need to be cut numbered and hung in sequence of drops, rolls and batches to ensure as even an application of colour and texture as possible on the wallCheck each roll for variances and test shades on opposite walls.

Plan your installation by laying out the drops. You may choose to reverse hang alternate lengths as this can sometimes achieve a more even spread of colour across the full wall. Hang the lengths in the planned sequence.

Measure and cut three drops. Ensure all lengths are cut to size leaving approximately 5-7cms for trimming at the top and bottom of each strip. Paste trim and hang one drop at a time.

For the HAMILTON design, the wallcovering must be dry table trimmed to remove the selvedge. DO NOT OVERLAP AND SPLICE.

All products should be hung using a high quality non-staining pre-mixed adhesive. We recommend Cole & Son ready mixed tub paste, for all designs except HAMILTON. For the HAMILTON design you must use a heavy-duty premixed clear vinyl adhesive with a low water content. Do not dilute.

Apply the paste to the back of the wallcovering using as light an application as possible to ensure a good adhesion to the wall.Ensure that the adhesive is applied to the edges to avoid open seams and that it is not applied too thickly. Do not soak the material excessively so that it becomes too wet. Soaking time should be kept to between 5 and 10 minutes.

Fold both ends paste side in towards the centre of the drop to stop the paste from drying during soaking. Take special care not to crease the paper while folding, (For HAMILTON the soaking time should be extended to at least 20 minutes. Additionally, if required, pre-paste the wall and allow the wall to become tacky before applying the wallcovering).

Draw a straight vertical plumb line from the ceiling to the skirting board.Take your pasted and soaked first drop and unfold the top half of the drop and apply to the wall. Slide the paper into position so that it touches the vertical plumb line.Using a soft clean brush or a felt roller gently press the drop against the wall.

After positioning the top half of the drop, carefully unfold the bottom half and smooth the whole strip into place, from the top down and from the centre outward, forcing out any air pockets. Avoid getting any paste on the surface of the wallcovering. Clean excess paste with a clean dry cloth or sponge. Do not use a seam roller.

Trim the wallcovering top and bottom with a knife. Ensure that the first drop is straight. This will help determine the success of the installation. It is important to wait until the first drop is completely dry to check the result prior to proceeding with the next drops. Hang all subsequent drops the same way, in sequence.For the HAMILTON wallcovering only, apply the material to the wall using a soft brush, plastic smoother, or, drywall blade wrapped with a soft cloth.

When smoothing, work from the centre out to the edges. To avoid trapping air bubbles, use an oval seam roller to butt seams. Wash smoothing brush and seam roller often as an accumulation of paste on tools may mark or scratch the material. Completely clean adhesive off the surface after each drop is hung. Wash seams with a damp sponge and clean warm water. Change rinse water often. Any adhesive left on the surface can cause flaking. Dry carefully with a soft cloth or chamois.

After hanging three drops, the wallpaper should be inspected, the decision to continue is the responsibility of the decorator. Cole & Son will not consider any claim for wallpaper hung in excess of three drops.

No claim for hanging costs will be accepted for goods in excess of three drops.

Check all wallpaper within 14 days of receipt; please notify your supplier of any faulty product. We cannot accept any responsibility after the wallpaper has been hung.

This information has been supplied in good faith but without guarantee. Site conditions are beyond our control.

If you have any further queries, please contact your retailer or Customer Service:
Telephone: +44 (0)208 442 8844