Product Code: 117/6019
Width & Height 52 cm x 10.05 m
Match: Offset alignment. Repeat: 64 cm

Covering palaces, chalky plaster walls and creating bright borders to parks and sun-soaked avenues, Bougainvillea is another of Seville’s vibrantly coloured flora. With its soft, water-coloured petals and leaves, Bougainvillea’s inflorescence has a delicate ombré creating movement and life. Choose from organic, sunshine palettes of Rouge, Olive Green & Emerald on Cream; and Marigold, Leaf Green & Emerald on Parchment; or the deeper evening tones of Rouge, Leaf Green & Cerulean Sky on Charcoal; and Ochre, Viridian & Petrol on Ink.

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