Martyn Lawrence Bullard



Product Code: 113/11032
Width & Height 52 cm x 10.05 m
Match: Straight. Repeat: 52 cm

‘Zellige’ takes its name from the Arabic expression for mosaic tilework, one of the most notable aspects of Moroccan architecture. When creating the design, Martyn and the Cole and Son studio were keen to retain the feel of real ceramic glazed Moroccan tiles and so the design has been hand-rendered to retain a beautiful, organic texture. Staying true to a traditional north African-style palette, Zellige is presented in China Blue and White, Olive and Print Room Blue, Spice and Charcoal, and the monochromatic Soot and Snow.
Interior image features Zellige 113/11032 with Sultan’s Palace 113/10029 and Zellige Border 113/12036

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