Mariinsky Damask

Carousel Stripe


Product Code: 108/6030
Width & Height 52 cm x 10.05 m
Match: No alignment. Repeat: 0 cm

Bringing to life another Cole & Son classic archive print, Carousel Stripe has been updated and recreated using innovative modern print techniques in two of the original colourways. Shimmering dragged-brush ribbons of coloured metallics line up to create a wonderfully vibrant and glamorous wallpaper.
Carousel Stripe was originally produced using a stripe pan, each section in the pan housed a separate colour and was filled by hand to produce this complex and beautiful striped wallpaper. Due to the ten striking metallic colours, the Carousel Stripe continues to be one of the most technically difficult designs to produce.
Interior image features: Linen 108/6030, featuring Library Frieze 98/8038.

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