Bespoke Service

bespoke services The Cole & Son Bespoke Service offers an opportunity to create a personal and unique wallpaper. Suitable for those who wish to have their favourite current design in a particular colour or those who want to delve into the formidable Cole & Son archive to commission a reproduction of an historic design.Depending on design style and complexity Cole & Son offers a breadth of printing techniques, employing methods relevant to each design. 

Please contact Bespoke Services on
+44 (0) 208 442 7186 or for more information, prices and minimum quantities.

block printingBlock Printing
The most artisanal of all our bespoke services, block printing is completed by hand, layering individual blocks to form a final design.This traditional hand printed process is especially suitable for more exclusive papers. Cole & Son maintains the most significant collection of hand carved wooden blocks in Britain with designs dating back to the early 1700s. View a selection of block print designs. (Download PDF) 


screen printingScreen Printing
Cole & Son assembled one of the first screen printing studios in the late 1940’s and our Bespoke Service continues to offer traditional screen printing today, offering the opportunity to re-colour some of our most famous designs including Rajapur, Cow Parsley, Palm and Woods. View a selection of screen print designs. (Download PDF) 


surface printing

Surface Printing
Surface printing uses a roller to apply ink to paper.  This printing method involves producing a relief engraved cylinder of the design and is suitable for bespoke commercial orders. View a selection of surface print designs.
(Download PDF) 



digital printingdigital printingDigital Printing
Cole & Son utilise the latest technology in digital printing to produce large-scale digital designs and
combines the latest production methods with traditional printing techniques to produce reproductions of historic designs.

Left: Folie Versailles a large scale digitally printed toile design re-coloured in a bespoke forest green colour-way.

Right: Versailles an archive design re-produced here using digitally printed mica jaspe grounds, with a single colour hand block print.



Flock printing, revived by Cole & Son’s original founder John Perry in the 1870’s, is a process that replicates cut velvet on wallpaper.  Cole & Son continue to offer flocking on bespoke orders, whereby specialist glue is applied to the design and flock fibres are applied to the surface giving a luxurious textured finish. Contact bespoke services to discuss flocking options.

Please note:
Prices and lead times are entirely dependent on the production processes that are selected for your design. Therefore individual quotes are provided for each paper. Depending on the design and production method selected, minimum order quantities will
Bespoke papers are sold on a
proforma basis and production will only commence upon receipt of full payment. Our bespoke wallpapers, unless specified, are supplied in rolls measuring 10m by 52cm (11 yds by 20.5 ins) and are fully trimmed with a wipeable surface. Full hanging instructions are included with every roll.